AMTS showcases comprehensive total solutions


With the evolution of Industry 4.0, Taiwan machine tools and machinery industries have started to invest in research and development. The advanced equipment and products come out one after another, and the related technologies, including IIoT, CPS, Industrial controller, FMS, AI, etc., are applied on machine tools and industrial machinery, which indicates the cross-industry integration will be the future trend.

The enterprises’ integration capabilities will determine the competitiveness of Taiwan’s manufacturing industry, especially the cross-industry integration between accessories and the system. This year Taiwan Machine Tool & Accessory Builders’ Association organizes the Advanced Manufacturing Technology Show (AMTS), held on Oct. 2-5 at Taichung International Exhibition Center, to stimulate the upgrading of manufacturing sector and provide a communication platform offering parallel connection of the supply chain and horizontal connection of cross-industry.

AMTS is not only a purchasing platform of advanced manufacturing technology, but an exhibition platform of total solutions to upgrade machinery industry. Focusing on the trend of IIot and AI & Big Data Ecosystem, the related products will lead the development of machine tools and industrial machinery for next 2-3 years.

During the show, the organizer TMBA will hold a series of forums. The topics include industrial IoT, processing manufacturing with AI & Big Data, metal additive manufacturing, industrial robot, smart factory, laser and ultrasonic processing, advanced processing technologies, and multi-dimensional applications and trends. More than 30 top lecturers from the industry, the government and R&D unit will be invited to the seminars, and get started the digital transformation in machine tools and industrial machinery.

AMTS offers free admission for professionals. Visitors can pre-register online via